Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Day 5

Today I'm thankful for:

  • Technology.  First thing this morning I spent 25 minutes trying to get Emma to say something on Evie - well, I was going for "want" "go" "walk".  She said "want" and that's when I lost her because I turned on my video camera on the phone.   I was trying to get a video of her talking with it since she's been doing so good.  She only wanted to see what was going on with my phone and wouldn't look at Evie.  I was frustrated at the end because I really wanted to take Emma and Finnegan for a walk before she headed off to school.  And I know Emma is great at saying "go" "walk" since she does it almost every morning as part of our routine before her school bus arrives.  Me = 10000% frustrated.  Emma = 98% giggly and smiling with 2% annoyed with me.  I clearly need to take my lead from Emma more and just go with the flow sometimes!
  • Easy bedtimes.  Busy day = tired children = easy bedtime = very thankful Me!
  • Nights out.  Chris is at a basketball game tonight.  I like when he gets out because he doesn't seem to go out nearly as much as me.  More nights out for him will make me feel less guilty when I have nights out for me :-)  He and a friend have a 10 game package for the basketball games.  That means more nights out = good thing in my book!
  • Our comfortable place to live.  I feel terrible for all the people left homeless or in bad shape from Hurricane Sandy.  So thankful we were spared and thankful for the American Red Cross and other support that so many of us are signing up to help.
Phew!  It's day 5 and I still have no shortage of things for which I'm thankful.  I hope everyone reading this is as blessed!

Until tomorrow.....when I'm sure I'll be thankful the election commercials are gone from tv!!!!!!!!  Please remember to vote.  I'm taking Emma in the morning.  We're voting for Obama for a 2nd term.  We support him for soooooo many reasons.  Hope the rest of the country agrees we need a second term of Obama.  We'll know soon enough!

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