Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Day 1

Last year during the month of November I shared things I was thankful for and I'm going to do it again this year.  I believe thankfulness is a muscle that we need to exercise - the more we stop and allow ourselves to really think about all we have to be thankful for, the more blessed and happy we feel.

Today I feel overwhelmed with how many wonderful things happened to us today.  I am especially thankful for:

  • A package received in the mail from a stranger.  It's a part we use to troubleshoot and control Emma's CI and somehow I had lost hers and a replacement unit is very expensive and not at all in our budget.  I've been looking around the house for this part everyday for weeks because I feel something is "up" with the CIs and I wanted to use the part to do a bit of troubleshooting before the CI warranty is up next month!  Last week someone posted on an internet CI group that they had this part and were offering to give it away for free to anyone that needed it.  Someone else had requested the part before me, but they were going to use it as a spare and the person wanted Emma to have it since it would be her primary (not spare) unit.  The part arrived today in the mail along with a lovely note.  Tonight I feel so thankful that a stranger took the time to help make our life a bit easier.  Once again I'm reminded of how amazing it feels to be blessed by the kindness of strangers!
  • Caring teachers and finding a school that is the perfect environment for my child to learn.  We attended the parent teacher conference for Julia today and I really appreciated all the time and energy her teachers put into communicating with us and helping our daughter learn in such a warm, nurturing environment.  Julia's school fits her personality to a T and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to send her there.  
  • Spontaneous comments.  Emma's teachers told me today that Emma used her talker 4 times during craft time without being prompted.  She asked for glue, scissors twice (my girl LOVES using the one-handed scissors), and crayons.  Emma has never used her talker spontaneously at school and only used spontaneously a couple of times at home.  This is a major goal we are working on with her IEP and it's wonderful to see that Emma is starting to connect well with Evie and to use it appropriately without prompting.  
  • A beautiful card and note in the mail today for our anniversary.  Along with a generous gift.  Thanks so much to the person who sent it (you know who you are - I don't want to call you out here because I'm not sure if it would embarrass you!).  

Wishing everyone days filled with much to be thankful for.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! These are all wonderful, but I'm sitting here with my jaw hanging open over Emma's spontaneous uses of Evie to make requests! That's wonderful!!!!