Tuesday, August 7, 2012


{Not so} Breaking News:  Emma's insurance situation is straightened out.

  • Here's what happened:  Each month a computer system is run in all the states to ensure people aren't double-dipping on Medicaid services.  Something happened that Emma came up positive in our old state and so our new state didn't want to provide duplicate services and ended Emma's coverage.  That is what happened in April and again in July.  I didn't know the cause in April so couldn't get it rectified so it happened again in July.  I now know the cause and contacted our old state to have them update their records with our new address.  The only way I found out about this was getting my local Representative's office involved.  They helped tremendously - and I'm telling everyone I know about it so they can use this information when they vote.  Fingers crossed this doesn't happen again next quarter!!!!
I also started on the contract job I mentioned.  It feels good to do a bit of work again.  I didn't realize how much Microsoft Office programs would be updated over the last 3 years so it took me a bit of time to re-familiarize myself with the programs but I'm happy to report that it all came back to me pretty quickly.  Sort of like riding a bike........strange how that happens!

We continue to make progress on Emma's next IEP.  The most actionable was that the girls and I toured the reverse mainstream program.  It was great to see it in action to really help think through the best placement for Emma next year.  I might have driven Chris a bit crazy talking through all the school placement options, but I think we finally have an idea on what is the best placement for her.  I'll update it all after her next IEP meeting that is scheduled for the end of the month.

Meanwhile, we've been soaking up lots of summer fun!  Here are a few photos to show what else we've been up to.

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