Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Sister Ever

Julia decided to take some videos with my phone today.  We were at Emma's horseback riding program and Emma was sitting up amazingly well on the horse - actually it was the best I have ever seen her sit up!  So we took some video.

Afterwards Julia took my phone and made this video.  I wasn't aware of what she was doing since I was working on buckling in Emma's legs - which could be considered an Olympic sport - and only caught bits and pieces of it so when I watched the video it touched me deeply.  I'm so glad my girls have each other.  What wonderful sisters they are, indeed!

(Note:  Once the video stopped I fixed Emma's shirt.  We are not encouraging showing off her belly!)

3 Comments from readers:

The Bynums said...

Oh goodness, that's a tear-jerker! What precious little girls you have and how blessed they are to have each other!!

Dee OBrien said...

Oh that's adorable!!! A little girl to be proud of kristina!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little soul she is!