Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Less than exciting post on insurance

Since this post is on a dreadfully boring topic I figured it was best to lead with a cute photo.  Emma sure does love acting like a beach bum!  With all the hard work she puts in all year she sure does deserve her fun in the sun.

Vacation is over and it's back to reality.  I've been spending a lot of time this week following up on medical stuff - trying to find out when we will get Emma's talker and if/when I'll be able to get an aide at home a few hours a week to help with Emma so I can work at the position I accepted.

Following up on insurance, therapy and school stuff for Emma is a pretty normal daily activity for me.  It's not a particular task that I enjoy but I learned early on that if you don't call and follow-up on items constantly then someone usually drops the ball.  You would think that something is getting processed only to find out a couple of months later that, no, they have no record of {xyz}.  During my calls I found out the insurance company has no record of a request for a home aide so I've added calling the pediatrician to find out the status of the letter of medical necessity to my list of calls.  I also found out Prentke Romich (PRC) - the company that makes the talker we are ordering - did not receive the approval letter {that we received over a week ago} from Emma's insurance company so I'll get them a copy of it.  And then I'll call them again to make sure they received the fax of our approval letter and find out where they are with sending out for approval from her secondary insurance since her secondary told me they have no record of a talker request.  It's sort of like a never ending do loop with insurance.  I'm so incredibly thankful we have insurance, though, that I'll take the extra work required to push things through.  I just can't help but thinking that they sure do create a lot of extra work!

Emma has been moving around a bit more.  Rolling here and there, working on crawling and generally being active and making it hard to keep her Cochlear Implants on her head!  Hooray for that!  The downside is that she is going through some excess parts just as the warranty on the CIs is getting close to expiration.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed she gets most of it out of her system before December when the warranty is up because new parts will have to go through insurance (ugh!) after the warranty period.  This week she (we?) managed to lose her ear hook and ear mold during a walk.  I'm so thankful that the CI stayed on her head, though, as that is the big dollar item!  We stopped at her hospital today to see if they could take some ear impressions for new ear molds and they fit her in.  I really love her hospital!  They always treat us like VIPs and fit Emma in even when we have no appointment and they are super busy.  We are so thankful to work with such a flexible team that really goes above and beyond to ensure Emma's needs are met.

In other shocking news, I made a couple of appointments for myself this week!  I need to follow-up on my fractured ankle and have a long overdue eye exam so I can get new contacts.  My eyes will be thrilled when I come up with a brand new pair of contact lenses after wearing these old ones way longer than suggested.

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