Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victoria Flick 5K Recap

This weekend we participated in the Victoria Flick's Friends Foundation 5K Bubble Run.  It's an annual event that celebrates the life of Victoria Flick whose passed away at the age of 7 years.  The Foundation was created by Victoria's amazing parents who raise money and donate it locally to charities and families with special needs children to help pay for equipment that insurance won't cover.

We never knew Victoria, but we are sure we would have loved her!  We've seen many photos of Victoria and Emma reminds me of her a lot and Victoria's friends and family remark on the resemblance between Emma and Victoria.  I think it is the sparkle in their eyes and ready smile :-) We met the Flick's through our church and were immediately welcomed with love when we first attended the 5K in 2009.  It is an amazing feeling to be with Victoria's friends and family and have our entire family - and most especially Emma - greeted with open arms.  After the 5K there is a huge party at the Flick's house and we love to enjoy the BBQ, swings, games and pool after a morning of exercise.  I would like to invite all our family and friends to join us for this amazing celebration next year.

Here are some photos of the event.  Swoop, the Eagles mascot, was in attendance and joined Julia, Emma and Chris in their race across the Kiddie K finish line.  Chris ran the 5K and beat his goal time by more than 2 minutes while finishing 3rd in his age group.  I planned to walk the 5K course this year, but Julia was walking it with me and decided it would be more fun to walk a few minutes then head to the finish line to cheer Chris when he finished.  She was not nearly as excited about the walk as I was!  Needless to say, next year I'll have to ask Julia to ride her bike or something so I can actually finish the course while Chris races.

This year three charities received funding, with Variety getting a $10,000 check!  Wow!  Is this family amazing or what!  I am so happy to say that Emma is one lucky little girl and will receive her very own Freedom Concepts Discover 12 bicycle courtesy of Variety!  The bike should arrive sometime this week and we know the Flick's are a huge part of how Emma is getting such an amazing gift!  For those that aren't familiar with special needs bicycles, the price tag on one supportive enough for a child like Emma is in the thousands and out of reach for many families - including us.  Without the very generous gift of a bicycle from Variety we would not be able to afford one and Emma would miss our on a typical right of childhood - the joy of riding a bike.  Thanks to Variety and families like the Flick's, Emma will get the opportunity to enjoy her very own bicycle!

We feel so blessed to know this wonderful family and that we can participate in the annual 5K run/walk.  We're already looking forward to next year's event and hope we will have some family and friends join us!

2 Comments from readers:

Laura said...

Great news..Emma will love her bike. We just bought a used one for Cody a couple weeks ago and finally had decent enough weather to try it last night. So fun for our kiddos to be able to enjoy the same things as others!!!

The Flick Family said...

Thank you for your beautiful and moving words. It's because of families like yours and all that support Victoria's Foundation that keep us motivated to make a difference in the lives of the special children and their families, in memory of our beautiful Victoria and the love she gave us. We're touched to hear that your family had a wonderful time. that's what it all about!
Please keep in touch & we'll see you next year!!
-The Flick family