Sunday, June 5, 2011

Goodbye Preschool

When you have a little one under foot it seems you notice the passage of time much more than without any little ones.  Lately I keep looking at my little girls in wonder at how they are growing so quickly and maturing at an astonishing rate.  It doesn't seem possible that Julia is finishing pre-school up this year.

Preschool has been a wonderful experience or Julia.  She has a tendency to be shy when around new people and preschool helped her break out of her shell.  She made lots of friends and loved each of her teachers.  The Learning Express school and people were so wonderful to us!  I couldn't imagine a better preschool environment or experience for Julia.  And so I find it a bit hard to see Julia graduating and moving on to kindergarten.  She is so excited about going into kindergarten and regularly "practices" for it by doing the worksheets in the workbooks we have for her.  I am amazed at how much she is looking forward to the Fall and her new school when I am, truthfully, feeling bittersweet about the transition.  I know Julia will continue to blossom and will love going to school with Chris.  The school she will attend will continue to nurture her kind and sweet personality while challenging her academically.  She is definitely up for the challenge!

But......I will miss my afternoon buddy.  My one-on-one Tuesday mornings with Julia and my field trip Fridays with both my girls.  This year has been one of my most favorite years of all!  We finally are in a routine where our schedule is not driven by therapy and doctor appointments, it is driven by going places that are interesting to us and we are able to do so much together as a trio.  I feel forever blessed that we had this year together!  And I look forward to the new adventures that await us, even if I am feeling a bit of premature nostalgia now over Julia's preschool years.

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