Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunshine and Lemonade

We have seen a few beautiful sunny days around here lately and Julia has asked me to add lemonade to our drink mix so when we went to the store one weekend we added it to our cart.  She sure does love lemonade!  I do too!  I haven't tried it with Emma yet, but I have a feeling she will be happy to replace her hot chocolate treat with a bit of refreshing lemonade.  Hmmm....I might have to give her a little taste once the sun comes back and see what she thinks!

Julia is interested in starting a lemonade stand this summer.  I'm going to work with her to pick a location (and discussions with the owner!) for the stand and pick a date then spread the word to everyone we know to come out and support her stand!  It would be great to have a big turnout because she is going to donate a portion of the money she makes to charity to help stop the spread of CMV.  Or, as she says it, "So other children don't get a boo-boo in their brain like Emma."  We're waiting for consistently warm weather to really work on the details of the lemonade stand so it probably will take place in the summer.  I'm really excited that Julia is learning about "giving back" at such a young age and plan to support her efforts 100%.

I'm wondering if people would rather buy fresh-squeezed lemonade or would be OK with the mix.  Let me know if you have seen either one do better at the kid's stands.  I'm also thinking of having soft pretzels to sell with the lemonade and hand-outs on CMV to spread awareness.  If anyone locals has ideas for a location or is interested in helping Julia in the stand please let us know.

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