Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dancing Queen

Julia had her dance recital last weekend.  It was a fairly big production with a dress rehearsal on Friday night and performances on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Chris took Julia to the Saturday show while Emma and I went to my niece Elizabeth's communion party.  For Sunday, Julia had a whole fan club in the audience including me and Emma and both sets of grandparents!  What a lucky little girl!

The show was great!  The children are really talented and Miss Amanda and Miss Morgan did a wonderful job preparing the dancers and choreographing the songs.  It was a two part show with a brief intermission.  Julia performed her jazz dance in slot #6 and her ballet dance in slot #25.  I know I am biased but I will still say that I think Julia's class gave some of the best performances.  They were mostly dancing as a group and remembered their moves - better than expected for 5 year olds!

There was a group of darling little 2ish year olds that was just beyond adorable.  Those little girls in their tutus were just precious even thought they didn't even come close to following the dance routine.  I think everyone was smiling after their performance.

Julia's group performed to The Boys are Back (in town) for their jazz routine.

They performed to You'll Be in Your Heart for ballet.

Group curtain call.

There was a group curtain call followed by a presentation of trophy's to each student.  Julia is over the moon with her trophy!  It's her first one and she didn't let it out of her hands for the first couple of days.  We took some photos after the recital and headed home for a good meal with everyone.  Chris even had the table set and ready for us despite having run a full marathon that morning and not really being able to move too quickly.

We will miss the Elkton Parks and Rec dance classes next year.  We won't be moving close enough to keep attending and so we are now considering Irish Step Dancing for next year.  Julia's not sold on the idea yet but there is plenty of time between now and the Fall to decide.  I'm also going to try and look into a dance class for Emma.  The lovely Chloe did a dance program (click here to read about it) this year that had the children with disabilities dance with a partner's help.  I'm hoping that we can find a similar program around here for Emma because she just loves to dance and loves and audience so a dance routine on stage seems like a great fit for her.  If anyone knows of one in the greater Philadelphia area, please let me know!

I'll leave this with some more photos of the dancers.  How blessed we are!

Julia and her best dance buddy Katie 

The girls and their sisters

Julia with her fan club!

Posing with Daddy at home

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Anonymous said...

Your photos are fantastic! Julia looks so grown up and happy! She's such a beauty! You and Chris got some mojo there, your girls never fail to put a huge grin on my face.