Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adventures in Roller Skating

Julia is once again interested in learning to roller skate.  She has the adorable skates that fit over your shoe and are adjustable and they came with knee and shoulder pads.  Julia's feet are still pretty tiny and I didn't have to adjust the size this spring because she is still wearing the same size shoe as last year.  My girls are lucky in that they have small feet - they get that from Chris.  Anyway, she's been doing pretty good this year and getting more independent on the skates.  She does fall but is now adept at picking herself up and moving on without too much of a fuss.  Right now she skates for about 10 minutes at a time and after that she starts falling more and decides to call it a day.

I think it's much harder to skate outside on the pavement than indoors so I'm trying to find a time at our local roller rink that will let me take her to roller skate and bring Emma into the rink so she can skate, too, in her wheelchair.  When I called the rink to discuss this with them they told me they only allow wheelchairs at a very early Saturday morning session.  This time isn't convenient for us because we work on feeding with Emma on Saturday mornings (with the fabulous Annette!!!!).  I'm going to call again and ask for the manager and see what he/she can do about letting us skate as a family at a different time of day because I think this could be a really fun frequent family outing and I don't want to leave Emma home!

Check out my big girl in action!

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