Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo with Santa

It seems that a nice photo with Santa is the standard right of passage for children and Christmas time. I used to think that the visit to Santa was for the children - so they could tell Santa if they were good and suggest some items he might want the elves to work on for them. However, now that I have children, I have come to the conclusion that the visit to Santa is really for Mom and Dad so we can check off the list one more completed holiday tradition - the celebrated "photo with Santa."

Each year we join the ranks of parents who have gone before us to try and get a good photo with Santa. We have made it to the mall but NOT to the line to see Santa because the very idea of getting near Santa sent Julia into hysterical cry mode. This is Julia's fourth Christmas and she is only now starting to slightly warm up to the big guy. As for Emma, well she has always loved people so it's no surprise that she is more than happy to hang out with Santa Claus.

Julia's preschool had a Christmas party and Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by for a visit. We were pleasantly surprised to be able to get a nice little visit with them and even posed for a family photo. Julia was very fond of Mrs. Claus, so I think that is the reason she isn't all red eyed and crying.

Thanks for the visit Santa and Mrs. Claus! We hope you are able to stop on over at Christmas - we've all been really good this year!

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The Calm The Storm said...

Love this picture of all of you!!