Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tree is up!

We put up our Christmas tree tonight! What looked like a small tree out in the field turned out to be a pretty big, full tree in our house. Julia was so excited to get the ornaments on the tree and put herself in charge of overseeing the operation. Emma thought it was hysterical that we brought a tree into our house and decked it out in lights, but got into the fun of it and helped us put a couple of ornaments on the tree.

It was really great to pull out so many of the ornaments that have special memories for us. There is the Hawaiian Santa from our honeymoon, the Bride and Groom from the year we were married, the ornaments from the girls' First Christmas, the hand and footprint ornaments from Julia's first Christmas, the black Lab ornament from Finnegan's first Christmas, homemade ornaments from over the years, etc. It's amazing to me how many memories come back when trimming the tree!

We put Emma near the tree in her Child Rite chair and she scooted herself under it and kept poking her head into it and looking up at us trimming the tree. It was so cute! When we were done hanging up all the ornaments Julia said she thinks we need to go out and get more - she was sad we were done! I told her we could start a tradition of picking out a new ornament each year and I'll take her out soon to buy a new ornament and I think we are all looking forward to this tradition.

We also hung our stockings and put up the nativity set, so now we are officially ready for Christmas!

2 Comments from readers:

Tara Bennett said...

lol. Trees always look smaller in the lot. I swore I'd never go artificial, but we did last year. I like it, and am glad not to have the needles all over the place, but there's something much more magical about a real tree!

I love the name Fannigan for a dog! Too cute:)

Chloe loves the texture of Christmas trees. Especially real ones and the smell.... so much sensory input! That's so cute Julia wanted to get another tree! My mom always had two trees in our house growing up and I looooved decorating them! Julia and Emma will always treasure your fun traditions too!!!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Your Christmas looks lovely! :) I wanted to ask about the child rite chair? what is that and where do you get one? I am thinking at some point it might be good for Jeremiah when he is finally home.