Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

We're starting to get into the holiday spirit around here.

A photo of me and Chris after he finished putting up our house Christmas lights

On Friday we had a busy day. The girls and I headed into the city to see the 3-D Christmas show in the Comcast building lobby. We got a great on-street parking spot with a meter that saved us a TON of money on parking. Once we got out of the car, though, I realized that I had given all our change to a homeless person about a week ago and didn't have any quarters! When I was telling the girls we needed to find some change for the meter a man that was walking by us double backed and gave me some quarters for the meter and didn't want anything in exchange. What a lovely thing to do! We then headed over to Chris' school for the book reading and book fair. The storyteller had brought her cat and dog and the girls loved seeing them. Overall, the day was so pleasant that I remarked to Chris that it really did feel like Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love!

Julia wore her new shoes into the city!

We attended the cochlear implant program Christmas party on Friday night, which kicked off our holiday party season. The girls had a lot of fun doing the crafts that were set up around the room and Santa even showed up! Emma loved Santa, Julia screamed and cried and wanted to go home once he arrived.

On Saturday we had our first snowfall of the year. It was wet snow, but it still felt great to see it coming down and sticking in the yard a bit. Today the sun was shining again so we went and picked out a Christmas tree, chopped it down and hauled it home. We went to the small Christmas tree farm from last year and realized they weren't really selling trees this year but they decided to let us have our pick of the field anyway. The trees were fantastic since they weren't picked over at all and I think our tree this year is the best one yet! Since it was such a nice day Chris focused on getting our outside decorations in place and we decided we'll bring the tree inside and put it up later this week. Julia had a ball roaming around on her summer toys outside and Emma joined us in her stander and loved all the action. Since we recently purchased a large ladder, this year we were able to string lights along the entire house and it looks so nice! We also have a blow-up Christmas tree in the yard but it seems that the penguin and snowman don't seem to want to work this year. This doesn't upset me since I'm a bigger fan of the nativity set, but Chris and the girls really liked the extra decorations in the yard so Chris will try and get them working again. Overall, it's really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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Tara Bennett said...

Hooray for the Christmas spirit and so many fun things to do to celebrate! I love the pic of Emma glaring at Santa, it totally made me giggle :) And the pix of the girls on the sidebar in those dresses -- TOO CUTE! :):):)