Monday, September 21, 2009

Why I Blog

I originally started this blog as a way to keep track of what is happening in our lives. I've always wanted to keep a journal and have started and stopped over the years but never really have the time to write consistently. I type much faster than I write and I thought of keeping an electronic journal but only gave that a half-hearted effort. The idea of an online blog appealed to me so that I could journal about the girls' milestones, easily include digital photos and video, and keep family and friends updated on Emma's progress.

I became familiar with blogger by visiting the blogs of (mostly) Moms of special needs children. I visited some blogs so frequently that I started to "follow" them so that I could be informed of new posts - you can see the blogs I follow in the panel to the right. In reading these blogs I met kindred spirits, found inspiration, and learned a lot about alternative medicine options. And, to be honest, in the beginning I found that reading the blogs was sort of a "Chicken Soup" for my soul.

I started leaving comments with my online community and people found their way over here to check out my blog. I'm now at the point where I want to help pay it forward - to provide information learned on our journey that others might find helpful, so I created posts on craniosacral therapy, therapeutic riding, and equipment. These posts were meant to keep family and friends updated and also to provide information to other parents in a similar situation. I will also contribute to Tara's Kidz blog as a way to share our journey with more parents and also spread the word on preventing CMV birth related defects to a larger audience.

As I expand the focus of this blog you might notice more posts meant to share with my online community included among all our family happenings. I think you'll find them a nice complement to my blog.

3 Comments from readers:

Tricia said...

I swear I get most of my info/ideas through blogs! The network of parents with children going through similar situations has been invaluable.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I have been so blessed by the blogs that I have found. The blogs have been a great source of information and encouragement. It is so great to find people who can relate to the ups and downs of parenting a special needs child. Seems when I have down days there is someone else who is up. I also love the fact that I can learn from others who are further down the road. What a wonderful thing!

Tara Bennett said...

WOW, I just read your stop cmv post. I'm so impressed!

I think blogging can be so beneficial for the blogger... it is so healthy to get your feelings put into words, and it is so rewarding to connect with others who share some of your experiences. I'm so glad to have you in my circle of blogging friends!

We definitely need to do a post about cmv prevention. Would you be able to do that sometime in the next couple of weeks?