Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Musings

Julia is at pre-school and Emma is napping right now, so I have a few precious moments (about 45 minutes) to myself. I feel a bit guilty that I'm not doing one of the zillion things on my to do list right now, but I've decided to just relax for a moment and write a web post about nothing in particular.

Here are my random thoughts:
  1. I'm really happy for the new tv season. I don't get a chance to watch too much television, but I love The View for the Hot Topics portion. Most people I tell this to just groan and tell me how they hate the show, but I just love it. I tivo it every day and watch it while I clean the kitchen and prep for dinner when the girls are taking an afternoon nap. I also love The Biggest Loser and Grey's Anatomy, so I'll be tuning into the season premiers for these shows along with a few mindless comedies to round out my tv viewing.
  2. Emma is making so much progress lately! She is starting to talk in jargon - mostly vowels with a few consonants thrown in - much more. I'm excited with the way she is progressing. Also, with the use of our communication board/switch she is able to demonstrate that she can distinguish between objects when we say the associated sound and/or label! This is fantastic! She is also starting to cooperate a bit more when we do the ling sound check each day. This will be infinitely helpful at her CI mapping appointments.
  3. Julia and Emma are starting to argue! This is SOOOO funny to me and is music to my ears! Julia loves to play with Emma and is used to Emma just letting Julia do anything she wants to her without Emma making a fuss, but with Emma engaging in activities more and grabbing items now she doesn't always go along with Julia's plans and it is causing me to have to play peacemaker a bit :-)
  4. Julia asked me the other day if she can be a mommy one day. Then she told me she wants me to have another baby - a tiny one - so she can help out. I told her we'll have to visit Tanya and Liz more this fall to see tiny babies!!!!!
  5. We are planning on moving next year and are starting to work on our projects to get the house ready for the move. We're planning on moving into a ranch house so that it is fully accessible for Emma. We are currently looking at schools to determine the best fit for Emma and then will start to look at houses once we select a school district.

2 Comments from readers:

Keri said...

I just saw you post a comment on Tara's TMI blog and decided to blog hop over here. Glad I did!

I love number three. Most parents can't stand arguing and bickering between siblings and here we are loving it! In fact, I enjoy any interaction between my boys. Even if Logan is screaming because Levi is simply in the room. At least Logan is communicating is his way and I get it. You know, I'll take whatever I can get.

Tricia said...

Jill went years without Emmi ever being able to voice her complaints. Now, though? Oh goodness! Emmi does not stand for being bossed around!

And, I happen to love TV very much. Of course, I manage to watch about one show a day that I dvr. I watch it long after the kids are in bed!