Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Including Samuel

I heard about a documentary called Including Samuel from one of my yahoo groups. The film was created by a photojournalist that has a son with cerebral palsy and looks at the challenges and opportunities to include Samuel in their everyday experiences and in school. It also shows several others with disabilities and shows their varied experiences.

I just looked at the extended trailer - 12 minutes - on the documentary and I can't wait to see the whole show! It's playing in the Philadelphia area on WHYY (Channel 12) at 7pm on October 9th. I'm setting my DVR to record it. I hope anyone reading my blog takes the opportunity to check out the trailer here and then decides to watch the documentary on your local PBS station.

4 Comments from readers:

The Calm The Storm said...

WOW! I will try to remember to watch it! It is a whole different world to me!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I love that clip of his older brother smooching him on the cheek :-) I agree with what Samuel's mother said about not seeing disability issues until it affected their family. That really resonated. Thanks for posting this!

Tara Bennett said...

OK. I am in love with you and your blog and Emma. I want to read every single post but I don't have time tonight. I am so interested in all of your equipment and the nutritional drink and I am soooo meeting with a nutritionist - I can't believe I hadn't thought of that! And I seriously cannot wait to watch this trailer. I'm off to do it. Right. Now.

Hey have you been to my kidz blog? (kidzorg.blogspot.com) Anyway, I'm starting something called 'kidz krew' and I'd love if you'd participate. Also, I'd love if you shared Emma's story. Just let me know.

CMV was one of the 1st things we considered when we realized there were issues with Chloe. In fact, we do believe she was exposed to something like that that just hasn't been identified yet.

Talk about long comment! Sheesh.

Okay, now the trailer.

Tara Bennett said...

Do you mind if we share this on kidz next week? I'm thinking 'try this tues' sharing this along with a couple other books a few others on the krew have recommended....