Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not nearly as big as a T Rex

Emma had off from school today so we ventured to the Natural Sciences museum in the afternoon for some fun.  I've been telling her lately how BIG she is getting and it seems that she is going through another growth spurt.  I think it might be time visit a chiropractor because it's not as easy to carry around an almost 6 year old 40+ lb. girl as it was to carry about a teeny tiny baby!  

Our visit to the museum taught us that ALL baby dinosaur eggs hatched resulted in dinosaurs less than 10 lbs.  I think the growth curve on the T. Rex. must have been a sight to behold!  I took a photo of Emma next to the T. Rex at the museum (the photo on the right) and finally decided she doesn't look so big after all.  The photo on the left was of a much smaller dinosaur and Emma thought it was funny to put her head in it's mouth.  Have I mentioned I love Emma's sense of humor?!!

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Anonymous said...

Emmalooks great. Hope she stays that way. Luv this little gal!!!
The #1 Memom