Friday, May 17, 2013

Budding Artists

Julia has some serious natural artistic abilities that must have skipped our generation.  Her school is very, very artsy and I'm glad they are fostering her budding artist because I am the opposite of artsy.

Emma is hit or miss when it comes to crafts and prefers to mostly engage in the truly messy crafts.  She is ALL OVER finger painting!   Lately she is taking an interest in using a paint brush and she really loves her one handed scissors.  

Here is a self portrait Julia made in art class:

We had a girls' craft night at home the other night.  Julia took to it immediately and made several pieces of art and Emma even was interested.  We had Evie available for Emma but she chose not to pick her colors with Evie and instead used her hands to indicate the colors she wanted to paint.  She took her painting very seriously and I was very surprised at how deliberate she was in her selection and paint strokes.  It had been a while since I had painted with her and the last time I helped her I did 99% of the work so I was pleased to see how far she has come in her art.

Here are some photos of our girls' craft night.

I don't have action photos of Emma since I was helping her and couldn't man the camera and the art.  She used the paint brush for the sky and grass and her hand print for the flowers.  She really wanted to get messy and wasn't happy with only using the paintbrush...that's my messy Emma.  She was very proud of the result.  It was so cute to see!

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