Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Concert

Julia's school had their 1st and 2nd grade Winter Concert today.  They have been practicing for months and the children were so excited!  The theme this year was Being human:  Human be-ing and the concert was "the creative outcome of learning and sharing what is truly unique and magical about being human."  Doesn't that sound lovely?

It was.  The music teacher does such a great job with the children and he seemed to be having as much fun as them.  It certainly made for a festive atmosphere!  The children have no inhibitions and gladly sang their hearts out, sounding like little angels.  The concert was about 50 minutes, 12 songs in all, and it went by so quickly.  I could have sat there listening to their little voices and watching their hand gestures and seeing them bursting with enthusiasm for much longer.

Emma was captivated by the show.  She sat at attention the entire time and when everyone was encouraged to clap along to the music she gladly brought her fists almost together over and over.  It was wonderful to see (I've never seen her do that before!) even if it would have looked like she was flailing her hands wildly about to the *untrained* eye ;-)

I love watching Julia on stage.  She has no fear of an audience and likes being in the spotlight.  Some of the children would sway about and make the grand motions that went along with the songs, but not Julia.  She is one of the more reserved children; a bit more serious than some of the others.  You could catch a bit of her wild side if you looked closely for her little smirks, sideways smile and bit of extra swing in her hips.  It's fun to see that side of her.  I like when she lets loose and we are always encouraging her to test her boundaries more.

After the concert, Emma and I worked at the book fair until it was time for lunch.  We joined Julia in her classroom to eat and were surprised to find Julia had set out a couple of place mats for us at her table.  Yellow for me and purple for Emma - she picked our favorite colors!  Once lunch was done we left and were happy to arrive at the car before our meter expired since I found out today the expired meter ticket price is a steep $36!  Then we were off to tour a school I think would be a good fit for summer school for Emma this year.  We'll see how that plays out.

What a great way to end the week!

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