Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

I love that Christmas Eve and Christmas fall on a Monday and Tuesday this year because it gives us the entire weekend to relax a bit and spend time together as a family.  The girls have been feeling under the weather so we've been pretty low key lately and have mostly been watching the Christmas shows in the glow of the tree lights.  Today we were ready for more action so we baked some cookies in the morning and this was the first year Chris and Emma joined me and Julia in the kitchen.  Both really added a bit of excitement to our standard cookie baking activities.  Let's just say Emma kept inching the cookie sheet away from Julia until she finally had it in front of her and then....well, let's just say she was so excited that she decided to see if the cookie sheet could land facing up if she pushed it onto the floor.  As for Chris, he was a bit overzealous in making a sugar cookie snowman and it turned out looking more like the State Puff Marshmallow Man.  We named that batch of cookies (yes, it was the same one Emma tossed on the ground!) the batch of misfit cookies.

After the kitchen adventure we hit the road to take on the city Christmas attractions.  We visited the Comcast center for the show, walked through Christmas Village and enjoyed Dickens Village in Macy's.  We were shocked that Santa was at the end of Dickens Village and that gave the girls a last chance to adjust their Christmas wish lists when they sat on his lap.  I want to give a special shout out to the amazing Macy's employee who saw us gape at the at least two hour long line to get into Dickens Village knowing full well Emma would never make the wait.  This amazing man took us aside, brought us through the employee entrance and dumped us right inside the start of Dickens Village!  It all happened so quickly we didn't get a chance to thank him, but he really did put the magic in our day today!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Here are a few photos I took to capture our day in the city.  Enjoy!

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