Monday, July 2, 2012

Still Here

We're still here and I have loads that I can catch up on, but we've been busy having fun!  So, I'll make this a bit of an update in pictures.

Julia finished her first year of Kindergarten.  She has grown in ways I couldn't have imagined!  When asked about her favorite classes she remains a PE (gym) fan.  For her least favorite activity it was on Wednesdays when they go to the Meeting House for Meeting for Worship because "it's so boring just sitting there.  It's so hard to sit still."  Hopefully she'll grow to appreciate the silent worship in the coming years.

We had a few weeks break between the end of the school year and the start of camp today.  We spent it sleeping in, playing barbies, swimming, reading, and taking our usual field trips.  We've been to the beach, the boardwalk, on an Amish buggy ride and spent 1.5 days at Dutch Wonderland which really is a Kingdom for Kids that it professes.  We've partied with our neighbors and seen some fireworks and it's not even July 4th yet.  In short, it's been a blissful month!  I hope the remainder of the summer is as fun as it has started out.

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