Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back Out and About

This weekend we had some rain which brought a bit of cooler weather.  Thank goodness because for the first 19 days of July only 2 days were less than 90 degrees and there were many days over 100.  Our poor Finnegan pretty much had to hang inside the house with our window air conditioning units on and only went outside for ridiculously brief walks before she begged to go back home.  

We were a bit antsy to get out of the house for some exercise so we headed out for a bike ride near the river.  It's one of our favorite family activities and this time we took a different path and found it was well suited for our picnic lunch.  While stopped for lunch I took a moment to capture some photos of the kids in a good mood.  Emma has not been her usual happy self for a few days and so it was nice to get outside and have her in a good mood.  Let's just say we all - including Emma - needed a break from her whining!

Julia also wanted to take photos so I showed her how to work my camera and she took to it immediately - snapping shots left and right.  Many of them were very good!  

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