Monday, May 7, 2012


Having little ones around is a constant reminder of the passage of time.  It appears my girls are getting older.  This weekend Julia lost another tooth bringing the total tooth fairy visits to our house to five (5!)!

Today I was playing with Emma and decided to check her bottom teeth and lo and behold her two bottom teeth are loose!  I have no idea when that happened and am glad I gathered the courage to touch her teeth - she has a mean bite and can't open her mouth when she wants making her chomp a bit like a pit bulldog.    I'll keep a close watch on the teeth now and when they get very loose I'll pull them out to avoid her swallowing them.

I'll end this post with a couple of photos from a typical weekend morning in our house.  We start the morning slowly and ramp up to full energy level by noon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine.

Kids are so cute with their teeth missing. I love it! If, by chance, you happen to miss pulling out a tooth before it gets swallowed, don't fret. Clara has swallowed at least a couple of teeth and it never caused her a problem. I think it upsets the mommy more than the child!