Monday, May 21, 2012

Big News!

Emma met one of her milestones early!

It just so happens to be one that I wasn't really ready for... she lost her first tooth!

It's her bottom middle left one.  I found that it was wiggly the other week and last Monday she woke up and it was not in her mouth when I went to feed her.  My best guess is that she swallowed it during the night so I am officially declaring May 14th as the day she lost her first tooth.

We put the tooth fairy pouch under her pillow even though she didn't have a tooth to put in it and lo and behold the tooth fairy left her some money!  Emma didn't seem to notice the money but Julia was really impressed the fairy left her money when Emma didn't leave her a tooth.  She told Emma how lucky she was and that brought on some giggles from my cheeky little one.

Her bottom middle right one is also wiggly.  I think that could hang on for another couple of weeks.  I'm hoping that when it comes out we will be able to put it in the tooth fairy pouch.  We'll see.

In the meantime I think she looks absolutely adorable without her tooth ;-)

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Anonymous said...

She is too stinking cute!!!!