Friday, April 13, 2012


My photography class just wrapped up.  I learned a lot from this class.  I highly recommend it if anyone is looking to learn how to use their DSLR camera better.  I'm not really a read the manual and you'll figure it out type of person.  I like asking questions on what I read and the forum in the class allowed for ample opportunity to ask questions without feeling like the questions were too naive.

I now have a short list of items I'd like to add to my camera equipment...which means I'll have to save up my money because none of it is cheap.  The good thing is I only really want one lens and then I'll feel like I have pretty much everything I need to take the photos I want.  I'll have to get on that yard sale I keep talking about to raise the money for the lens.  Maybe this will be just what I need to find the time to pull the yard sale together!

I also learned that I would not be great at taking a degree program online.  It's really quite hard to learn that way - keeping track of the conversations on the forum, holding myself accountable for finishing the reading and assignments on time.  I liked it for a hobby class, but for a degree class it is not my preferred mode of learning.  Good to know but not a big deal since I do not plan on going back to school!

Here are two photos I took of Chris while working on an assignment.  He was a really good sport to pose for me since he is not too fond of the camera.  Lucky for me it didn't take too long to get some nice photos.

Thank you, Chris, for all your support in pursuing my photography passion.  This is one of the many, many reasons I'm so happy you chose me.

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