Friday, March 9, 2012

Shooting stars

Julia is very inquisitive these days.  There seems to be no subject she doesn't want to discuss.  She likes to make funny sentences - anything that includes the word underwear or fart sends her into fits of laughter, don't ask me why but I'm hoping it's just a phase.  She also likes to talk more seriously - Mommy, what did they do before there were any houses?  Where did everyone live?  Was there always grass around?  What was around before the grass?  She tends to think about the beginning of time a lot and I'm trying my best to answer her thousands of questions without saying "Go ask your Dad."

The other day she asked about stars and shooting stars and Chris jumped right into the conversation.  He was telling Julia how we saw a shooting star on our honeymoon.  We had and it was a bit magical.  We were walking on a beach in Hawaii, the moon was up and provided enough light to guide our way while casting a beautiful light on the ocean.  There were plush lounge chairs out front of the Ritz Carlton hotel and we decided to take a break and rest together.  When we laid back and looked up at the sky we saw a shooting star.  We stayed there for a while looking for another shooting star but we didn't see anymore on our honeymoon.

We both always remember that moment - when we finally relaxed after all the flurry of activity of the wedding and getting to Hawaii and finding our lost luggage.  It was the first time we sat down and caught our breath.  And it felt a bit magical to be newlyweds sitting on a plush lounge chair in Hawaii looking at the sky and seeing a shooting start.

I love when our conversations with Julia lead us to share glimpses of our life before children.  It feels good to remember special moments in the past and it feels even better to share that part of our life with her and Emma.

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