Friday, February 3, 2012

Our first Auto Show

Tonight we went to the Auto Show courtesy of the Starlight Children's Foundation.  If you have never heard of this charity I want to tell you how amazing they are to provide a bit of much-needed enjoyment for families like us.  Here is how they describe the local group: 

  • Unlike any other charity, Starlight Children’s Foundation™ offers a unique blend of ongoing programs to help families survive the crisis of childhood illness.  
  • Since 2010, Starlight MidAtlantic has provided a record 4.5 million hours of entertainment to more than 200,000 children receiving treatment at 154 hospitals. 
This month they sponsored a trip to the Auto Show and we knew immediately that Emma would love it there!  Emma is a social butterfly and likes to be in the thick of crowds, lights, action.  Emma's favorite cars seemed to be the convertibles, which is not the least bit shocking to us.  She was excited to check out the cars and threw a fit each time we tried to put her back in her chair.  As you can imagine, she was mostly carried around the show by Chris - dropping her shoes and socks left and right! - while I rolled her chair around.    

I was born to ride in the BMW 6 series convertible!
Get me out of this chair and back into a car - any car!  It doesn't have to be a convertible...

What we didn't know is that Julia would love the auto show just as much as Emma!  She was excited to check out many of the cars and decided on a few we should buy.  Most of Julia's favorite cars were red and included DVD players in the headrests but she was quick to jump in the back of many of the cars to see where she would be able to stow all her gear.  Julia travels with a lot of gear.  It's amazing what all a little girl has to bring with her each time she leaves the house!  

Julia thought the Land Rover had just enough storage for her but the seat was up too high for her to get in/out easily.

The feature of the autos most interesting to me was the trunk.  I looked at the trunk of each car first, sizing it up to determine if a wheelchair would fit and how hard it would be to load it.  I think Julia noticed me looking at the trunks because she started to check them out, too.

Our favorite car was the conversion van that looked like a movie theatre in the inside.  It really was something!  When we found out the price didn't include a driver we decided to move on to look at the Lamborghini and Porsche section because neither of us had any intention of driving that beast let alone parking it!

We did go to a Q&A session with a couple of players on the Flyers.  I have no idea who they are but they drew a huge crowd so they must be good :-)  There was a section for our Starlight group and the ushers were very helpful in taking out chairs so that Emma could sit in the row with us rather than in the aisle.  It was an interesting session but we left it early since there wasn't enough action for the girls.

In addition to all the new cars, we saw some older cars there.  My favorite was this Oldsmobile classic car.  Love it!

A huge thank you to Starlight Children's Foundation for a fun evening out!  

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