Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Fun

Friday was Pajama day for Julia at school.  She was so excited to show off her pajamas to her class but I think she was even more excited that she didn't have to get dressed in the morning giving her a couple of extra minutes in bed.  I was lucky that I snapped a photo of her in the morning before she left for school. Notice that she is wearing a headband she made the other week and a new necklace (thanks Aunt Jane - it's a HIT!) along with her PJs.  Because you can never accessorize your pajamas too much!

She told me that she was the only one in her class that had princess pajamas except one other little girl had a photo of princesses on her nightgown.  She was pretty pleased that it was only the two of them with any sort of princesses for pajama day.  The things that excite my 6 year old crack me up!

My parents came down on Friday and the girls were so excited to see them.  They love when they have visitors - especially their grandparents.  They get lots of goodies when the grandparents are around and lots of extra attention.  How lucky they were to have a visit.  After dinner we played Monopoly Jr.  in teams since Mom Mom and Pop Pop never played before.  It was Julia and Mom Mom vs. Daddy and Pop Pop vs. Mommy and Emma.  No surprise that Mommy and Emma won since Emma seems to win nearly every game she plays.  Really.  If you want to win a board game around her ask to be on Emma's team.  It must be all her good living!

Julia lost her top front tooth after the game.  Not during the game - it was a really friendly game, I promise :-)  She looks so much older without that little wiggly front tooth......the time sure is going by quickly.  She quick retrieved her tooth pouch and tooth fairy light and when it was time for bed everything was all set for the fairy.  I'm happy to say she did come (she was almost a no show - Yikes!) and Julia woke me this morning with her pouch that contained money instead of a tooth.  She is one happy little girl.  And an adorable one at that! It seems like the other front tooth will be out in the next day or two and she'll be toothless and I'm guessing even more adorable if that is possible.

What a Fun Friday, indeed!

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