Monday, January 23, 2012

Little updates

The other week at school Julia's class was studying the letter L.  They had an activity where the children finished this sentence:  "Love is ...."  and then they illustrated their sentence and it was put on the bulletin board outside their classroom.  Julia wrote:  "Love is making crafts for my sister!" and her illustration is a picture of her and her sister with a heart and the word love.  My heart melts every time I think of this picture and sentence.  Julia is such a special little girl.  How lucky we are to be blessed with such amazing little girls!

In other news, Emma received her new toilet seat today!  I've posted on here before about our goal to potty train Emma this year - or at least get her into pull-ups most of the time.  She is doing really well at home and is mostly dry and using the baby potty instead of her diaper.  She started doing well at school, too, but she now has a new aide and is giving her a bit of a hard time and is refusing to sit on the potty seat at school.  I tried to get her on the seat with her aide at school and Emma refused me, too!  She can be quite stubborn when she wants and her legs are really hard to bend if she doesn't want them bent.  Once Emma gets more comfortable with her aide she should start to cooperate more with the potty training.  In the meantime we are working hard at home to move from diapers to pull-ups.  

I'm thrilled that Emma's Rifton potty seat arrived today!  It's the same one she uses at school so I'm hoping using it at home should make her more comfortable with using the same model at school with her new aide.  Here she is - fully clothed - testing out the seat settings while watching her beloved Sesame Street.  She looks like such a big girl in her potty chair, right?!!!  

The most exciting part of this chair for me is that it can be rolled over the toilet so I don't have to empty the chamber - score one for me!!!!!  Or, it can be used anywhere in the house with the chamber attached.  As of now I think we'll mostly use this in the bathroom because Emma is a big girl and needs to get used to going in the bathroom and having a bit of privacy.  

I think we'll have to take the baby potty we've been using with us when we are on the road because right now we don't know of any fully supported portable potty chair.  Anyway, we'll figure it out as time goes on like we always do.

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