Friday, January 27, 2012

I love days when things just come together

Some days things go really well.  From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed everything works out great.  The thing is, though, is that those days are so...very...infrequent.

Most days I rush around trying to check off 2 items of my to do list.  Yes, you read right - 2 items from a to do list that is at least a couple of pages long.  The reason I have it set at 2 is because I think 3 is reaching too high most days.  Experience tells me that I just as often as not hit the 2 items so I see no reason to mess with a 50/50 record by upping it to 3!

Today, however, is one of those magical days when great things happen even though I'm not checking anything off my to do list.  It almost makes me want to stop the day now because I'm not sure it could get much better as the day goes on, but boy would it be fantastic if it did!  And I have a feeling it will....today is just one of those great magical days where a lot of things come together on the same day.

Emma went to school in her pull-up today.  Not a diaper, a pull-up.  This is a very big deal in our world.  She also went to school with a spare change of clothes just in case.  And guess what?
She came home in her pull-up!  She used the potty at school and did not require a diaper change.  Her aide left me a message telling me how proud she is of Emma.  I like her new aide, and now I like her even more for her kind message with italics and smiley face.  I like smiley faces :-)  Emma does not come by smiley faces or stickers for good work all that easily.

When Emma was settled in the house I looked in her notebook and read how great she is doing with a quick response on her listening check each morning and that the team is now introducing her eye gaze device for her to select the LING (listening) sounds.  She even picked one correctly with her eye gaze device on the first try.  In her notebook I also saw a note that our trial of the eye gaze device was extended until Feb. 22!  That gives us almost another month to see what Emma does with it, which is really helpful in our decision making process of what device to purchase.  She is just warming up to knowing how to use it - and at the age of 4 it still amazes me how quickly she catches on to all the technology we show her! - so handing it back next week would not really give us an accurate trial of the device.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. day we stopped by Emma's hospital to drop off her non-working loaner power wheelchair.  Chris had the day off and was able to help me get it there because it is hard to load/unload it from the car when it has power and even harder when there is no power.  It hasn't worked since we moved and I've really been itching to get Emma back to working on learning to drive a power chair to give her a taste of increased independence.  I was thinking about the chair today and received a call from her hospital that it is all ready for her!  The battery was just too low that it wouldn't charge.  It is now charged and ready for Emma to drive it about.  I'm planning to pick it up on Monday so we can have it for her PT evaluation scheduled next Tuesday.  Emma needs extra PT in addition to what she has at school and one thing I want them to work on is driving a power chair.  The timing of the fixed power chair is just perfect.

Today I haven't checked anything off my to do list and yet it's already been a great day.  I think I'll save my to do list which includes calls to make appointments, insurance referrals, getting insurance to cover some of Emma's essentials, etc. for Monday.  Today is a great day and I want to just enjoy it while it lasts for they don't come around that often and when they do they are meant to be savored.

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