Monday, October 3, 2011

Kindergarten Begins

Julia started kindergarten in September at the school where Chris works.  She's beyond thrilled to be going into work with Daddy.  And even more excited that she gets to take the bus and the subway.  I had worried about that bit because she was so looking forward to riding the school bus - even though I kept telling her she wouldn't be taking the bus she didn't really understand it until school started.  Apparently riding the subway and public bus is amazingly cool, though, and she is completely fine about not riding a school bus.

Her first day at school was a big event for us.  She dressed in her new outfit and shoes from her grandparents and I took some photos before we left the house.  True to form we were running a bit late and so I didn't have too much time to dwell on the fact that my first baby was starting school.  We drove into school together so Chris and I could attend a morning coffee for new parents.  I had planned to park near the school - not surprisingly so did all the other parents - but the handicapped spots were taken by non-handicapped people!  That Really Gets To Me.!  I did manage to find a spot a couple blocks away and was able to get some photos of Julia going into school and in her classroom.  It seemed all a bit of a rush to me especially since I wasn't looking forward to afternoons without my girl.  All day kindergarten is no joke for the stay at home Mom :-)

I watched Julia meet her new teachers, check herself "in", fill out her lunch order, discover her cubby, and settle into an art project.  Julia was happy to get started since she's been waiting for kindergarten for a long time.  Chris had to remind me that it's best to just rip a band-aid off instead of taking it slowly and proceeded to lead me into the hallway.  We made it halfway to the coffee area before I decided I needed to go back.  I hadn't gotten any photos of Julia and me!  Chris agreed to let me go back for another photo and Julia was maybe not as excited to see me again as I was to see her.  When we were on our way to the coffee again and I mentioned I didn't get any photos of Emma and Julia together and we needed to go back, Chris put the brakes on me.  Ok, I get it.  I could get the photo of Julia and Emma later.

Signing into class for the first day
Tr. Alec shows Julia where to stow her extra gear
With Tr. Robin 
We headed to the coffee and listened to some of the Q&A discussions before I realized my meter was running out and I needed to leave ASAP to avoid a parking ticket.  Emma and I rushed back to the car and I got her settled in before it hit me - Julia really was starting school.  I was so excited for her and, at the same time, my stomach was a mess.  I completely missed her already and it had only been 20 minutes since I saw her last!  It seemed like it was going to be a long day ahead.

Julia is bright eyed and I look like I want to go back to bed!
To take our minds off of Julia's first day of school, Emma and I went to the zoo and had a lovely morning.  We had the zoo practically to ourself since there was flooding in the area the day before and people were staying away in case the flooding didn't subside.  It was a nice way to spend the morning to keep us busy and avoid thinking about not seeing Julia until around dinner time.

Chris texted me the approximate time of the bus arrival so Emma, Finnegan and I headed to the bus stop to wait for them.  It was so fun to see Julia coming off the bus brimming with energy and ready to tell us all about her first day at school - or, at least about her first day of riding the subway!  I had planned to have some fun with her before dinner but her friends were waiting at the house to play so she had no time to fill us in on her kindergarten happenings.  Thankfully, she did remember a bit of her day and told us about it at dinner before she headed back out to her friends.

Big jump off the bus
Treat in hand, adjusting backpack so she can run over and give us a hug.
It's so wonderful to see Julia growing up.  In the last three weeks of school it seems she matured a few years.  She is getting so independent, her shyness is starting to dissipate, and she is gaining so much self-confidence.  Her school has monkey bars and Chris and I were thinking she would master going across them solo by Thanksgiving.  We were off on the timing - she had them down by the end of the FIRST WEEK!  Wow!  When I've attended a couple of functions at her school Julia is proud to show me around the school and point out her artwork in her classroom.  She loves school and the culture of the one we chose is a perfect fit for Julia.  We are so very happy that Julia is having a positive experience with school so far and look forward to watching as Julia grows this year.

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