Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emma walked! and some cute Fall photos

Today was a gorgeous day and we took full advantage of the 60 degree weather.  I've been playing with my camera a lot and have wanted to get some good photos of the girls in the park and we had a chance to stop there after church this morning.  I was thrilled that Chris could join for the pictures because I was able to get photos of Emma without her in any equipment, which is something that I probably would not do if it was just me and the girls at the park.  

After our photo shoot we headed to a birthday party where I got to continue snapping photos, but the highlight of the party was that Emma took quite a few steps in her KidWalk!  We brought it in with us since both me and Chris were there and could it along with her stroller and boy were we glad we did!  Emma's walk made everyone smile and I was so glad my friends could experience the thrill along with us.  I actually have some tears in my eyes right now writing about it - it is so fantastic to see her able to propel herself forward and I'm so hopeful that the KidWalk will give her some freedom to explore on her own.

After the party we came home to bake an apple crisp and run about in the yard.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend.  

6 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! I can't wait to see some video of Emma mastering her kidwalk. Beautiful pics too! It's getting COLD here in Iowa, so jealous of the nice fall days your having!

Laura G

Angela said...

you have such beautiful girls <3 And yay for Emma walking!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

YAY Emma! That is WONDERFUL! I am so excited for her. I hope this is a start of some great things for her. Love the pictures - you have two gorgeous girls!

Tricia said...

Yay for Emma! With Emmi, I found that once she got a taste of that freedom that mobility brought, she really began to fight for it.

And great pictures, by the way!

Janet "Grammy" Harrold said...

Wow! this is great news. Go Emma!

Katy said...

woo hoo! Go, Emma Go! I'm sure that was incredible to see.