Friday, April 16, 2010

Special Moments

When you have a child that is significantly delayed with motor skills you learn to treasure each moment that unfolds that feels "normal." Today we had one of these moments when Emma and Julia hung out in Emma's crib for a bit after Emma's nap while I put away laundry. Julia climbed in the crib and I placed Emma in a propped sitting position and saw - for the first time ever - Emma playing in her crib. Emma loved it and just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then, Julia started looking out the window and Emma kept yelling at her so I placed Emma at the window with Julia and Emma started squealing with delight. They looked out the window together for a long time watching the school bus drop off kids and the cars come and go. Emma fell down a few times and just laughed hysterically before yelling at me to put her back up again and I happily obliged. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the girls looking out the window together - watching them share this "normal" activity together actually made my day!

3 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful shot Kristina! It seems to me that Emma is making so much progress lately, each time I come here or talk to you there are new things to report. Oh, I loved that quote in the previous post. I'll remember that one.

Tricia said...

For some people, it is all about the first word, step, etc. The typical milestones. What the books tell you is important. But seeing those other moments, that is what is truly special.

Emma seems like she is making great strides. She is pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...