Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Safe Landing

We have a lot of changes going on in our lives right now. We're hoping to sell our house and move around the time that Emma transitions from early intervention into pre-school. We are also working on new communication methods for Emma as a bridge to verbal communication. This mainly consists of using eye gaze to communicate yes/no and picture cards to continue to immerse Emma in language. This is in addition to working on sitting, crawling, standing, walking, eating, talking.

To be totally honest, all of this can really be quite nerve-wracking. It seems nothing comes easy to our little girl, but you would never know it when you are around her. She always seems to have the biggest smile for everyone and a laugh that will make you melt.

Although the list of things we are working on is quite long, we try very hard to balance the job of Mommy and Daddy with the role of therapist. I'm happy to say that Emma is quite a well balanced little girl even though she does tend to be a bit over-scheduled some days! Most days our family is out and about in the community and Emma is enjoying everything that a typically developing 2 year old would enjoy.

Immersing our entire family in typical activities does requires a fair bit more effort for me and Chris. We are not the parents at the party chatting with our friends while our children play. Because Emma loves to play with the children, and she needs help from us to move, we are the parents that are immersed in the kid's activities. We are - by necessity and desire - hands on parents and know that our efforts are completely worth it.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about something I read somewhere along the way - God never promised us an easy passage, only a safe landing. I find this quote pretty uplifting, especially during those nerve wracking days!

3 Comments from readers:

jennohara said...

Love that quote. :)
Your girls are darling!

megan said...

HI Kristina!
We met at C-Line. My Emma is riding on Tuesdays. I have to tell you I love your blog. It is amazing what we have in common. I wish I could copy and paste some of your thoughts on to our blog! Just wanted to say hello. Hope to catch up with you soon!

Kristina said...

Hi, Megan. Glad you stopped on over here!

I didn't get your email so I could respond directly to you, but I did hear that your Emma started riding and is learning to like it more each week. I have a couple of photos of our older girls with Red Dog that turned out great I could email you if you want them for your files. If so, just email me your email address and I'll send them over.