Monday, January 18, 2010

Digital Girl

I've always had a bit of a fascination with the Amish community. I always thought I could see myself as part of that community. Most people who know me would think I'm a bit delusional with my self-assessment, but I really, really loved the Little House on the Prairie series and always thought I would fit right in back on the prairie. I think that is what fueled my long-standing interest in the Amish.

But.....the other day I had a conversation with a lovely Mennonite woman and I realized that I really like my modern day convenience. The woman and I were talking about Emma's deafness and the conversation turned to music, the gist of which came up to be that Rock and Roll music corrupts the youth. I was holding Emma, letting her burp after her drink, and I admitted that I actually love Rock and Roll music. I felt like a rebel and - I have to admit - it felt a little good.

I knew then and there that I would not fit in with the Amish community if I had to give up my music. And then I started thinking of Emma's cochlear implants and my washing machine, digital camera, computer, dish washer......well, maybe the Amish isn't really looking to recruit me anyway.

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