Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lazy Weekend

We took a break from our general activities last weekend.  It wasn't a planned "down" weekend, but we mostly wound up staying around the house since Julia was sick.  It was really nice not to have to go anywhere or do anything.  The girls slept really well, which let me catch up on some much needed sleep.  Chris and I even slept past 9am on Sunday, drank coffee on the deck and read part of the Sunday paper before the girls woke up - it felt like we were newlyweds again!

Julia did manage to spend a bit of time playing in the splash table we bought this weekend, but outside of that she mostly watched videos and cuddled in my lap.  Emma loved the splash table, too, and even went after the toys in the water quite aggressively.  This weekend need to figure out a set-up that will allow her to play at the table without me holding her up.  We even got a reprieve from the constant worry of getting Emma to eat since she ate at all her meals and even munched on some cheese puffs for a snack on Saturday!  This was such an event that I took a short video of her eating puffs and posted it below.  Did this have something to do with Emma's great therapeutic riding session on Friday?  I'm not sure, but I hope the eating and sleeping continues.  

While we didn't plan the lazy weekend, it sure felt good! 

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