Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

  • We love when you let us ride on your back while you crawl around on your hands and knees and when you put our bellies on your feet and fly us through the air
  • When Mommy isn't home, you always take us out for fun stuff like ice cream or trips to the mall to throw pennies in the fountain (and ice cream afterwards!)
  • You help make the best forts out of our furniture cushions (so we can hide from Mommy)
  • You show us fun videos on YouTube
  • You let us stir the brownies and lick the bowl and not worry about the mess at all!
  • You spend gobs of time on the floor playing with us and make us laugh until our eyes tear up from so much laughing
  • You show us how to do new things, like bowl and ride our bikes and cheer us on as we succeed
  • You kiss our boo boos when we are hurt and tuck us into bed when we are tired
  • You get us the best books and read them to us any time of day, not just at bedtime
  • You never make us stop to get things like smocks or drop cloths when the artistic urge hits us (even though Mommy thinks this is crazy!) - you let us dig in and let our creativity flow when the moment hits us!
  • You do cool stuff like buy balloons, make a cake and sing Happy Birthday when we wanted to celebrate puppy's 2nd birthday
  • You are never too busy to be there for all our important moments
  • You make Mommy laugh a lot and that makes us all laugh a lot
  • You take good care of yourself with diet and exercise so you will be able to see us grow up

Oh, and Finnegan is lucky, too.  She asked us to let you know that you are the best ball thrower on the planet!

Most of all, we love that you are just plain silly and we can be just as silly when we are with you.  We are so lucky to have you as our Daddy.  Happy Daddy's Day!

Love, All your girls

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The Calm The Storm said...

That's awesome! Looked like fun!
Do you know that you can get your blog printed into a book?