Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Questions, questions

For the last few months Julia has been making comments that tells me she knows Emma is delayed in her milestones. We've always tried to answer Julia's questions or comments as simply and honestly as possible.

The most recent comment came this week when Julia was commenting on the size of Emma's feet. "Emma's feet are so tiny, Mommy." I told her that yes, they are tiny compared to Julia's feet, but she has a new pair of shoes since they did just grow. We moved on to other conversations, but Julia kept coming back to the conversation around Emma's tiny feet. Finally, she got very thoughtful and said, "When Emma's feet grow she'll be able to walk because they won't be so tiny anymore." So, that was behind the conversation! Emma's not walking yet. I explained to Julia that Emma is not walking yet but it isn't because the size of her feet. It's because her muscles don't work so well. She seemed to understand that and said she wanted to help Emma make her muscles stronger like her and Daddy (I guess Mommy just isn't that strong!). I told her that Emma would like that.

I'm sure there will be more questions to come, but for now it's nice to know that Julia isn't afraid to ask questions or make comments on Emma's progress. And, it's nice to see Julia celebrate as much as me and Chris over all the little milestones that Emma is making on her own time. Of course, Chris and I continue to make a huge deal over Julia's milestones, too, so maybe she has us as role models in showing our enthusiasm :-)

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