Thursday, May 7, 2009


Great things have been happening with us lately!  Here are just a few celebrations we've had in the last couple of weeks:

  • Emma is working so hard at sitting.  We dusted off her Bumbo this week and were so impressed with how good she sat up and then amazed to see her reach and play with a toy while in sitting position.  This is something I've been wanting for so long.  This will open up a whole world of play to my little girl!
  • Julia now wears her big girl panties to bed!  This happened about three weeks ago and she's had only two accidents.  Way to go, Julia!  
  • Emma has been getting more and more vocal (except during her AV sessions, but that's another story!) and said "up" this week!
  • Emma grabbed two dominoes and knocked them together just to hear the sound!  It's huge for her to hold items in each hand and then to knock them together - for the sound! - well, we're over the moon proud of her!
  • Julia and Me-mom made brownies the other day and I was eating one and Emma kept giving me an evil eye for not sharing.  So, I put it to her mouth and she took a teeny bite and gave a HUGE grin.  She demanded more and so I broke off little bits to give to her so she wouldn't choke.  She loved it.  It was so nice to see her interested in solid food.  Seems like she has Daddy's sweet tooth.
  • Julia loves playing with the whiffle ball.  She can even hit the ball when we pitch it to her, time after time.  It's amazing to see her go.  Chris bought her a tee ball stand and she loves playing with it.  I think we have a future tee ball player in the making.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Such beauties you have Kristina.