Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sometimes you get a bone

I've been reading this blog and there was a recent post about getting "thrown a bone."  Well, today I think God threw me one!  Emma sees so many doctors and I don't mind going to the many appointments but one visit always haunts me - the Pediatric Neurologist.  

I'm usually a pretty rational person, but visits to the neurologist wreak havoc on my stomach for weeks before the appointment.  I dread our visits there.  I dread the news that we always seem to receive at this office.  My heart breaks at all the children and families in the waiting room with us.  What usually happens is we walk in with our baby who we think is making fantastic progress and feel like all her hard work goes generally unnoticed.  I know Emma is developmentally delayed - I haven't been hiding under a rock somewhere.  I have friends with children close in age to Emma and see the delay whenever we are together.  But, can't we celebrate all the progress she has made?  

I'm happy to report that at our appointment today I think we finally were thrown a bone!  I should have known this visit would be different than the others.  The sun was out (it rained for all our other appointments).  I found a front row parking spot for me and Emma.  Chris met us in the waiting area where he already checked Emma in and they took us right back once we arrived even though we were about 10 minutes early.  There wasn't anyone in the waiting area in either our way in to see the doctor or the way out.  AND, did I actually hear that the doctor say she felt Emma made a lot of progress since our last visit?  Did she actually say that Emma should start to really make more progress now that she was so much more engaged in everything?  Well, finally the doctor is coming around to my way of thinking.......

Here is a photo of Emma before our visit sporting a ponytail and sitting in the chair - YEAH!

3 Comments from readers:

Maxx Laura & Marcos Matos said...

Hi Kristina
This is my first time visiting your blog. I came across your site from another one I frequent. Anyway I know what you mean my son has CP caused by PVL (periventricular Leukomalcia) and it always seems neurologist and developmental pediatrician visits are the worst. So I just wanted to say good for Emma. She is beautiful and I hope she continues her progress. Laura Mommy2Maxx

Kristina said...

Hi, Laura. Thank you for the comment! We were given the choice to visit a developmental pediatrician but for now have declined. We love her regular one and we just don't want to add the other right now.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

AshleyS said...

so glad it was a POSITIVE visit!!