Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Adventures

I'm taking the leap and created a blog on Google.  I have received so much valuable advice from other parent's blogs and am just starting to become comfortable enough with our crazy, hectic lives to share it with others.  So, here goes......

Welcome to our blog!  Spring is here, but the weather sure still feels like winter.  We're anxious to start spending more time outside with the girls.  Chris did manage to get a single coat of stain onto the outside deck and hopes to get the second coat on within the next week as long as the rain stays away.  Our hope is to have everything ready for us to enjoy the good weather when it arrives!  

Julia received her costumes for her dance recital and loved trying them on and is looking forward to the recital in June.  Emma is making a lot of progress with her vocalizations and desire to interact with the world with her hands and we see that her hands are open much more, she reaches for objects more readily and is making movements that suggest she is ready to roll from her back to her belly.  She is making more consonant sounds, such as -m-, -g-, and -b- and I hope that it turns into a consonant vowel combination (ma, ga, da, ba) soon.  

We are planning on starting Emma in therapeutic riding/hippotherapy and are looking at a few different locations in the next couple of weeks.  I am really excited about this and think Emma will just love this, and I'm sure we'll have to find out if there is any option to include Julia in this as she keeps talking about the pony ride she had in the fall and when can she do it again. In addition to hippotherapy, I am starting to think about craniosacral therapy and nutrition options for Emma.  I have talked to a few parents who have seen great results with their children after starting these alternative therapies and I am doing research to consider if we should implement them  with Emma.  We are being careful that we do not overextend Emma as her schedule is already so busy and we want to make sure we keep enough time for fun.    

4 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blog Land! I think you'll be so happy to have this record of events, emotions, and milestones. I look back on stuff I wrote over 2 years ago and am so glad it's there since most of it seems like a distant memory in the hustle of life. Love the pics! It sounds like Emma is doing great with her Ci and is making steady progress. Great news about her hands opening up as well! You and I need to get together and share information. I can give you stuff on nutrition and you can clue me in on the craniosacral therapy. We're also interested in hippotherapy for Ethan and have found a place nearby that offers it if you have a prescription. For us it's just a matter of insurance coverage, or lack thereof. They try to wiggle out of everything.

I'm at my parents this week but will try to call you next week, okay? Take care! I hope the weather warms up, it's so dreary and cold :-(

The Calm The Storm said...

So Cute! Love the dress up!
Does Emma ever stop smiling :o)

Love the Blog!

Tricia said...

I am glad you finally decided to start a blog! Now I keep up on Emma's progress.

Plus, you are going to love looking back a year from now and having this record. Today, a friend and I were talking about a story from Emmi's first week of school. We were able to go back through her website, and find the exact entry I wrote that week over TWO years ago!

Kris said...

Blog looks great, I finally signed up so that I can follow along. It was great talking to you, let's get together and have coffee soon!