Monday, December 9, 2013

Hodgepodge and SNOW!

Emma is making real progress in her Powerchair and I hope to get a video up soon.  The problem is she won't move when she sees me start to take a video, so that's making it hard for me to post something.  Hopefully the weather will be nice out this weekend and she can practice driving a bit and I can try and be a bit stealth in taking the video.

I'm still behind on thank-yous.  It's looking like Christmas cards could be a no-go this year.  That would be a first for me.  There is still time, so I might get them out.  We'll see if I get injected with a bit of umph!

We've had a bit of snow around here.  The girls loved it yesterday and even ventured out in it - for about 15 minutes.  It takes forever to put on all the snow gear but each year they tend to stay out a bit longer than the previous year.  When I got all the gear together we found out Julia outgrew her snow boots and so did Emma.  They are both about 2 or 3 sizes too small....it's been a while since we've had a good bit of snow around here!  Good news is Emma fit into Julia's old boots and I was able to pick Julia up a new pair today.  So we are now all ready for the snow that is supposed to arrive tomorrow....but since we're ready I'm betting a warm front comes on in and brings bathing suit weather :-)

Here are a few photos I snapped in the snow yesterday.  It was a great day for us to play in the snow, drink homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream, listen to Christmas tunes and decorate our Christmas tree.  It was one of those days that just felt right and festive.

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