Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preschool Graduate

Emma's preschool follows a 12 month schedule.  They have the same number of school days as other schools but they spread it out over an entire year.  I didn't think we would like this schedule at first but we LOVE it!  I sure wish other schools would adopt it.  There is still a long summer break and several week long breaks through the year.  I think it really keeps the children (and parents, teachers, therapists, etc.!) from burning out and doesn't require all the review in the beginning of the year.

Her school year is now coming to a close and today her class had an end of year ice cream party.  There were several students graduating to kindergarten and they wore caps and gowns and there was a little ceremony.  It was beyond cute!!!!  I teared up seeing Emma in her outfit walking up to get her "diploma."  She stood so tall, so proud.  She looks so ready to take on the challenge of kindergarten.

She has grown in so many ways during her two years at the preschool and has had an incredible team encouraging her in her daily endeavors.  She is loved by her classmates and her team of teachers and therapists.  It was at this school that Emma found her voice (ECO2 device) and met so many of her academic and developmental goals.  It prepared her to take on the world of kindergarten in a way that I couldn't have imagined when she started school.

Emma's friend at school wanted to dance with her to the music so he took her hands and helped her move to the music.  It was completely unscripted and heartwarming. 
Emma loves an audience and attention.  When her teacher put on the graduation music and it was her time to stroll down the aisle she strolled just long enough to get to see the crowd of people and then she stopped.  Typical Emma!  After a bit of encouragement she continued on to her teacher to get her diploma.  I caught it on video and can't stop watching it.  My girl walked down the "aisle" and received her preschool diploma.  What a milestone for her!

Her class performed a song for everyone.  It was about stars shining and growing.  Emma doesn't really sing so her speech therapist set up a touch lamp for her to turn on and off at certain times during the song.  It was a wonderful way for her to participate!

There was a video slideshow of their year and it was so wonderful to watch.  I never tire of the slideshows - it's such a nice glimpse into the magic that occurs during the school year that we as parents don't typically get to see.

So many people came up to us and told us how much they loved seeing Emma each day.  She always greeted everyone with a huge smile and brightened their day.  She will most definitely be missed, but it's time for her to share her zeal for life with a whole new group of people.  Although Emma has a lot to learn in her school adventures that have only just begun, it is evident to so many of us that Emma is so much more a teacher than a student.  She teaches people to laugh with great abandon on a very frequent basis, to smile in the face of adversity and to inspire greatness in others.

The world needs the brightness Emma gives it and we are all the better for having spent time in her own brand of sunshine.  Congratulations our sweet Emma Bean!!!!

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Love, love, love this post! Way to go Emma! Sounds like she has had a great experience at this school. What a wonderful feeling to know that she has grown and learned so much and she has also impacted others. What parent could ask for more? I look forward to hearing about her future adventures!

The Bynums said...

..."and we are all the better for having spent time in her own brand of sunshine"...absolutely LOVE that! This is such a great post and it gives me such hope and encouragement for Tessa's upcoming adventures in school! I might have to watch this video over and over again ;)