Sunday, October 14, 2012

Emma's Birthday Video!

Emma just celebrated her birthday.  She did it in style with a pajama party with a few of her friends.  She smiled the entire party and enjoyed every minute of it.  Julia proclaimed that it was so much fun she wants a party just like Emma's.  Now, that's a party!

I try and do a birthday video each year for the girls made up of photos from the year.  They love looking at them all year and I do, too.  It's a great way to capture what happened that year and I hope will be a treasured keepsake for them as they grow older.  This year I was late getting Emma's video completed.  I've been busy ;-)  Between all Emma's days off from school and trying to fit in a bit of work I didn't have extra time to create her video until this weekend.

I always love when the videos come together.  Each year I'm amazed at how much the girls grow and all the wonderful experiences they enjoy.  Having the videos really make me feel good and not just because the girls LOVE to watch them over and over and over again.  They make me feel like our girls are living a wonderful life.  Like their lives are full of love, joy and real life experiences - which is exactly the way I want them to experience childhood.

I'm especially proud that for Emma's videos I don't see disability.  I see ability.  I see life.  I see vitality.  I see joy.  It is not designed like this for her annual video - I am not editing out the *disability* experiences.  You'll see the many pieces of equipment Emma uses to participate more fully in life.  I take photos all year long and when I look at them I don't see Emma as disabled.  I see a typical little girl that just happens to need a bit of help to get around.  I see a child who gets out and about more than a lot of other children.  I see a little girl who draws people to her.  I see a little girl who lives life with wild abandon.  And it makes me want to be more like Emma.  To enjoy each day more fully.

Emma, you inspire me everyday.  Thank you for giving me the honor of being your Mommy.  Happy Birthday!

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