Tuesday, September 11, 2012


While looking at Emma at church last week the idea that she needed a new look popped into my head.  Haircuts aren't usually the inspiration I take away from Mass but from that day on I kept thinking about a new haircut for Emma that would let her wear her hair down instead of always in a ponytail.  Not that she didn't look ridiculously adorable with the ponytail on her head.  Oh, no, it's just that with her about to turn 5 years old it was time to check out a new hairdo.  Plus, she has only ever had about 1/2" of hair cut from her head.  Makes me wonder what is going on with her hair???  Is her body so focused on trying to move that it decided to completely forgo hair growing?  Hmm....

For the new "do" I knew it would have to be easy to maintain (Emma HATES having her hair fussed with) and out of her face.  It also had to have enough substance to clip her CI barrette onto because losing them would cost us pretty much the equivalent of a down payment on a big house!  I also wanted to be able to go back to a bit of a pony on the head if I started getting nostalgic ;-)  A haircut like this should be easy peasy, right?

After thinking about it for a while the sun came out and the weather is picture perfect and I decided TODAY, I have to cut her hair today!  So I took out my hairdresser scissors and brushed Emma's hair and gave her a mirror to look into all the while holding my breath because I'm really not all that good with hair.  I mean, I don't even own any hairspray and my most used hair product is an elastic ponytail (it only just now, as I'm typing this, occurred to me that this could this be the reason Emma sported a ponytail for the past 4 years!).  

I started snipping all the while telling myself I could cut her hair as good as anyone since Emma refuses to keep her head still - and besides, if I messed up a bit it wouldn't matter since her cute smile and sunny disposition could easily detract from a bad haircut.  Emma thought the whole process was hysterical and laughed and laughed and laughed and then laughed some more.  She moved her head back and forth and all around and tried her best to make her haircut as uneven as possible.  Seriously - her sense of humor is a off center like that.  And when I started cutting her hair she burst out into hysterics and caused the dog to come over and add a bit more action to the head banging.  Which was exactly what I didn't need.  But I couldn't be swayed off course and I'm happy to say that I prevailed.  Emma laughed continuously and when we were done and she looked in the mirror she was all giggles and smiles.  I tried to see if the top would still go into a ponytail but she would have none of it.  It seems my girl was ready to let her hair down and ditch the ponytail.  Who knew?

And before you ask - yes, it looks just as adorable with a cute little clip holding her hair off her eyes as it does leaving it down.  

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