Wednesday, June 6, 2012

City Photos

Chris arranged for me to spend some time with a photography teacher for my Mother's Day gift.  It was such a thoughtful and amazing gift and totally took me by surprise!

We juggled schedules so we could meet today and I had so much fun!  It was nice to be reminded of some things I do well, some characteristics that I could improve (i.e., stop chopping off people's limbs when photographing them), and to talk about some of my photography goals and learn about some ways to make those goals a reality.  The online course I took gave me a solid foundation on how to use my camera and the ins and outs of lighting, composition, etc. but I am old-school in that I love the dynamic of talking face-to-face with people rather than via message board posts.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed the hours we had together.

We even spend some time outside in the city so I could get a feel for some different photo compositions. I took some interesting photos - none of which contain any of my children!  I thought I'd share a few photos (in low resolution for the web) I took that really stood out to me.

I think this one of the Cathedral and city buildings is my favorite.

Now the pressure is on for me to find a Father's Day gift that can compare!  Wish me luck.....

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