Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Love You {Finnegan}

Emma has been very quiet lately.  She used to make more vocalizations in the past than she does now.  I am not particularly excited about the quiet time.  I prefer chatter.  Lots and lots of chatter.  And the pitter patter of little feet.  I don't get much of either from Emma, but I'm still keeping the Faith that both will come.  I've pretty much wrapped my head around the fact that Emma will likely use an alternative to oral speech to communicate and that she might not walk.  Walking to me isn't all that important, but the communication means everything to me.

Emma seems to be the most vocal with her dog.  She love Finnegan and Finney is so tolerant of Emma.  After all, Emma usually tries to show her love by giving her a big love bite ;-)  Today Emma crawled over to Finney and took a rest on her belly.  I caught it on camera and asked her if she loves Finney and then told her to say I love you.  She smiled and then made an approximation of I Love You.  I love it!  She's never made the approximation of I love you for me, but she has done it several times for Finney.  I'll take it.

Here she is in all her cuteness.  Enjoy!  And listen close at around the 16 second mark ;-)

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The Bynums said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! I'm with you Kristina, communication is something I pray for every day for Tessa and it's so hard with how uncertain it is. It is so special to see the connection Miss Emma has here. I'm learning it can be quite a challenge to find what motivates them! So exciting to capture moments like these on video...thanks so much for sharing!