Friday, September 2, 2011

Ireland: The Hayshed

The farm in Ireland has a hay shed behind the house, just up a couple of steps into the "back" yard.  This is where the hay was kept while my uncles lived there and after they passed away it was full of hay.  Over the years the hay has deteriorated (and rotted a bit) and the stack has gotten smaller, but there is still enough left for the kids to climb, sit, relax and play around.  In fact, it is very easy for the kids to lose a couple of hours after they go back to check out the hayshed.  

One afternoon the kids decided to play in the hay.  There was a lot of laughing going on and silly poses happening and I managed to find my Mom's camera and take a lot of photos (I didn't, however, download said photos to my computer yet!).  It was one of those days where the sun was shining, most of our "work" around the farm was done and everyone was caught up in fun.  My oldest niece and nephew took turns overseeing all things Emma so she could hang out with the kids without a parent in tow - something she LOVES to do and it's much easier when Rebecca and Christopher are around!  They had so much fun that they wound up in the hay several more times before the end of the vacation and I was able to snap a few photos with my camera.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

I remember playing around the hayshed as a child.  There is a giant tree next to the area and my uncles would hang a tire from the tree when they knew we were visiting so we would have a swing.  I'll have to dig up a few old photos of me and my sister on the tire swing and do a scrapbook page on it.  There was always an adventure waiting for us at the farm - whether it was the tire swing, a donkey ride, a trip to the bog for turf, gathering the eggs from the chickens or milking the cows it was all very exciting to us born and raised city girls!  My sister and I loved hanging out at the farm and all the adventures it entailed and it's nice to see our children love the farm, too.  While their experience is undoubtedly different from ours it remains full of fun and adventure.  And smiles.  Lots and lots of smiles!

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The Mom-Mom said...

How wonderful you captured and condensed my memories of this wonderful summer vacation. It is one I will never forget, and may not have the opportunity to do again.

Those memories of yesterday are still imprinted in my mind. I loved all the things you and Maura did as children visiing the farm. So glad you still remember!!!!! Fun with family members can never be forgotten.

Thanks for posting