Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Home

No, no, not for us.  Oh, how I WISH it was for us, but selling our house isn't going good.

The new home is for......Goldie.

Remember our goldfish Julia won at the carnival last summer?  Well, she is still with us.  Made of hardy stock, she is!  When she made it past a week I broke down and bought her a bowl, some stones and a fake plant sure that she wouldn't make it past an hour in her new home.  The store manager tried to get me to buy a bigger bowl saying that she would grow out of the bowl in a few months.  Really?  I wasn't buying any of it - let alone a huge bowl! - for a fish that I was sure wouldn't be around for too long.  Our track record with fish wasn't so hot and I always felt bad for the fish that ended up going home with us!

But Goldie is different.  She's hardy.  She seems to have a personality.  She swam to the top of her bowl and blew bubbles everytime I would walk into the kitchen.  She swam around and made a lot of noise if I forgot to feed her.  She begs for food.  Basically, she surprised me by having a lot in common with Finnegan our dog.  When she grew out of her bowl I waited a bit.  Wanting to get her a new tank when we moved.  But our plans to move are not going so well and Goldie really couldn't wait much longer for a new home.  On Saturday we bundled up and headed out for a family trip to the local pet store and now Goldie has a fresh new home.

It's much bigger than the bowl and has a filter so the water shouldn't get cloudy.  She seems to like it but it's taking me a bit of getting used to since you can no longer hear her when she goes to the surface to blow bubbles and talk to you.  How the heck did I ever get so attached to a goldfish????  There is a tank cover and a filter noise getting in the way of her greeting.  She is swimming a LOT more, though.  I'm not sure if it is because she has more room to swim or because we bought some new fish food (and realized we needed to drastically cut down on the amount of food we give her!) and she isn't happy with her new portion sizes.

Anyway, she settled into the new home on Sunday and she is still alive. I'll take that as a good sign.  Julia wants to get Goldie a couple of baby goldfish to join her in the tank.  I'm hoping that Goldie has broken the streak and future fish don't go belly up right away.

I'm hoping our own house adventures take off now.  Keeping our fingers crossed that our latest price reduction will bring us a buyer!

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Angela said...

Goldie is cute...I wish I had good luck fish, they don't seem to leave very long in my house.

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