Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Snow

We are having a white winter this year.  Snow is definitely more welcome than ice, but we've had more than our typical share of both.  Chris talked about taking Julia skiing this year but finding the time has been a bit elusive.

Last year we took the girls sledding and it was a bit of a disaster.  The hill was too crowded, older people kept knocking the girls over, my camera broke from the cold, Julia was crying and wouldn't walk up the hill.  We didn't last too long.  This year we decided to give it another go - at a different hill.  And we all had a ball!

This year Julia seemed like a seasoned pro.  She walked up the hill each time without any complaints.  She slid down all by herself and didn't even flinch when she went airborne and wound up doing a forward somersault (I wish I caught this on tape!).  In fact, she laughed about it will all of us.....after we verified she wasn't hurt.  Emma loved sledding and had no problems at all when her sled kept going off the track and she would get snow in her face.  She managed to kick her snow boots off incessantly making us think we'll need to bring a roll of duct tape next time to keep them attached to her snow suit.  She giggled like crazy when it was her time to slide down the hill.  Chris was her companion for most of the rides but we decided to give her a few runs by herself towards the end of the afternoon sledding adventure.  She LOVED going down the hill by herself.  And just so you don't think we are totally crazy for letting her slide independently, I should inform you that one parent stayed at the top of the hill while the other was at the bottom ready and waiting for her.  All in all we had a wonderful afternoon and are looking forward to another sledding adventure.

2 Comments from readers:

Angela said...

Looks like being 5 suits Julia perfectly. Did you know there are straps you can buy that hook boots to snow suits..might work for Emma!

Yay for you letting Emma go by herself, its good for her! Glad you guys all had fun.

Angela said...

Hey Kristina I put up a book review of the book I was talking about if you want to check out my blog.